“Whether it’s Bitnet, The Tor – which is 90% of the Internet – peer-to-peer sharing, or the streaming capability worldwide. At what point does civil society say that as well as the benefits that brings, this enables huge risk and threat to our society that we need to take action against?”

City of London Police seems to think the one square mile it has jurisdiction over now also includes the entire internet

That threat has come at a time when we have seen a huge growth in the internet, which allows a lot of the enemies of this country to hide. Back in 1995, when President Clinton was President of the United States, there were 130 websites in the world; at the end of 2012, there were 654 million. That is a lot of places for our enemies to hide.

Former Secretary of Defence Liam Fox claims our enemies are hiding in websites, presumably using the CSS .enemy {visibility: hidden; }

Also, fairly sure there were more than 130 websites in 1995. A check of Internet Live Stats suggests he shoud have said 1993.

(via openrightsgroup)